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20' TELESCOPING alum flagpole

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Product Description

Our TELESCOPING flagpoles are the sturdiest available on the market today, constructed of heavy, 16-gauge aluminum tubing, with a butt (base) diameter of 2.5 inches. This diminishing section flagpole easily telescopes from a collapsed length of 7’ to its full height in just a few seconds and is held firmly in place with snap-lock buttons. (Other poles have cam locks which after a while will start vibrating loose and the sections will drop down.) Our Telescoping pole has aluminum reinforced carbonate collars, insuring a much longer life than other collars that are made of simple, non-reinforced plastic.  The 20' pole is equipped to fly two flags, if desired, mounted on swivel rings which eliminate the need for halyard (rope) and keep the flags from tangling. This pole comes with a 10-year guaranteed lifetime after which replacement parts are available, if needed. It is installed in a groundsleeve so that if residence changes, the pole can be removed and re-installed at a new location.

Standard fittings include a gold anodized aluminum finial ball, swivel rings to accommodate 2 flags, and PVC groundsleeve.  Other finishes and accessories available.

Made in the USA!

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