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 Why fly or display a custom flag?
  • PRIDE! Custom flags are a wonderful way to show pride in your business, club or sports team.

  • BETTER THAN A NEON SIGN:  Displayed outdoors, the animated, waving motion of your custom flag is a natural attention-grabber. Even with the lightest breeze, your LOGO or CUSTOM flag goes to work for you — at a fraction of the cost of regular signage.

  • DIGNITY AND SOPHISTICATION:  Indoors, in your meeting room, office or auditorium, your logo/custom flag or banner strengthens and reinforces your image in the eyes of your audience and visitors.

  • IT’S EASY AND INEXPENSIVE: Over 40 years of experience gives All The King’s Flags the ability to turn your ideas into bold, colorful statements for your organization or event. Working with the industry's top manufacturers, we can produce your custom flags in a variety of fabrics and sizes at our unbeatable discounted prices.                                     
Our expert staff can help you choose from one of the following manufacturing methods:

Digital Imaging:  This dye process allows us to print directly from your digital art files (vector format) and closely match PMS colors.  It is the most economical way to produce custom flags in sizes up to 6’ x 10’.  There is no  minimum quantity requirement.

Appliquéd (sewn): Appliquéd flags are created using cut and sewn material.  Most often used for parade flags or indoor presentation flags which will be seen up close.  This is beautiful alternative to dyed flags without the expense of embroidery; may be used for large outdoor flags (6x10’ or larger).

Embroidered:  Embroidered flags are the top of the line for parade or indoor presentation flags.  Embroidered flags are popular with military organizations and honor guards.  Each letter and design element is hand-stitched for a luxurious finished product.  Not recommended for outdoor use.



Use your organization's logo or other design and follow these easy steps - simple as 1, 2, 3!

1st: Make a rough sketch of the flag layout - a simple sketch is fine. Indicate the approximate position and arrangement of the design and lettering.

2nd: For a specific design or emblem, include a clear copy (preferably a digital image) which can be emailed.

3rd: On your layout sketch (or separately), be sure to specify these important points:

a.  Quantity

b.  Material (usually high quality nylon)

c.  Size (2' x 3', 3' x 5', etc. are common measurements)

d.  Colors

e.  Method of manufacture 

f.  Single or double-sided

g.  Plain or fringed (indoor use)

h.  Pole hem or heading/grommets


Get a quote on your custom flag in 24 hours or less!  E-mail your design information to  including your contact information.  Easy!


Why fly or display a custom flag?